unaligned libpcap packets???

unaligned libpcap packets???

Post by Nils Haberlan » Tue, 05 Aug 1997 04:00:00

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we have some problems with the netstuff under linux-alpha. When we start
ypbind (RedHat 4.2)
the whole network stands after a while and the traffic indicator of the
alpha stays on. Is this a problem of this special ypbind-version
(ypbind-3.0.1.alpha.rpm) or of the alpha-network-stuff. BTW:we are using
a the new tulip.c (v0.76)!

Try to find the problem, we find a warning, given by tcpdump:

tcpdump: listening on eth0
tcpdump: WARNING: compensating for unaligned libpcap packets

What does this mean and is this dangerous for our net???

TNX in advance, nils

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