rpc.lockd & rpc.statd for Linux

rpc.lockd & rpc.statd for Linux

Post by Rainer Hochgelade » Wed, 24 Jul 1996 04:00:00

has anybody an idea where to get lockd and statd demons dor linux 2 ?
We are running CATIA on SGI and serving files via NFS on Linux Servers.
CATIA needs lockd and statd for write access on nfs mounted fs.
Any sources for those demons or any workarounds known out there?
Rainer Hochgeladen


1. NFS : port of rpc.statd & rpc.lockd to Linux ?

Here you go:

Title: rpc.rstatd          
Version: 3.03      
Entered-date: January 1996  
Description: an rstatd, rup, and rsysinfo for linux, new version which
includes the ability to display the number or users on the remote
system.  Still remains
backwardly compatible with older daemons and clients.
Keywords: rup, rsysinfo, inetd, rpc.rstatd, portmapper

Primary-site: ftp.cs.mun.ca /pub/netapps
                        15037 rpc.rstatd-3.02.tar.gz
Alternate-site: sunsite.unc.edu /pub/Linux/system/Network/daemons
Original-site:  ftp.cs.mun.ca /pub/netapps
Copying-policy: GPL

You don't say which version of AIX - but I can tell you that this works
with AIX 2.2.1 on an RT, so it'll probably work on every other version
of AIX too.

For rpc.lockd -- scan DejaNews for recent postings about that.

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