help , how to set ppp server on linux under leased line

help , how to set ppp server on linux under leased line

Post by yk » Tue, 13 Feb 1996 04:00:00

hi , anyone
     I want build a leased line form my firend
     but I dont know how to do ?
     first I try to use back to back between two modem ...
     but it stop at connect 28800 ....
     and do nothing ....
     what should I do ....?
     could u tell me ?
     thank u for ur reply.



1. Need help setting up PPP for leased line

Could someone out there give me a couple of pointers on how I would go about
setting up the PPP package that comes with solaris x86 2.4 so that I can
use a leased line instead of a dialup.

The modems are configured correctly and are happily chatting away to each
other. So how do I get PPP running?

thanks in advance

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