Please Help

Please Help

Post by Sekhar Ha » Thu, 25 Dec 2003 12:14:39


     I have a strange problem with my RedHat Linux 6.2.I am using a
customized version of the OS from a vendor who also ships a particular
application and ships it as a bundle.This is because we are doing a
project based on that application.Now the problem is my kernel detects
my realtek NIC card but there is no file called eth0 inside /dev and
no entries inside /proc/net/sys/ipv4/conf for eth0.But when I
installed a native Linux(RH LINUX 8.0) it is there.And during the boot
up it is showing the message "Bringing up eth0 [OK]".And I have
created the ifcfg-eth0 file inside /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ and
given the necessary records for networking.And when I issued the
command "service network status",under the active interfaces it is
saying that only lo(loopback) is active.And I also issued the command
"ifconfig eth0" which says Driver information database not found :
eth0 is not present.I don't remember the exact nature of this
message,but it was something like the above.

     Later I deleted the ifcfg-eth0 file and created the same by
running the netconfig utility.But again the same problem.Also it is
not showing the realtek module when I issued the command "modinfo".Is
all these things happening because it is a cutomized kernel ? What is
the solution for this ? Please explain in detail.I would like to get a
strong and quick answer as this problem is a work stopper for me
now.Thanks in advance.

Sekhar Hari.


1. PLEASE PLEASE HELP Major problem with my SCSI & Redhat 5.0 PLEASE Help

Everything ran WONDERFUL for about 4 months this machine ran several
servers it is a UDB w/ 340mb SCSI (SLOW 5mb) half inch internal hard
drive.  32 megs of true parity ram, Red hat 5.0 I get the following

NCR53-810-0: ERROR (0:48) (0-20-0) (8/33) * scripth (868:18000400).
NCR53-810-0: Script cmd = 888030000
NCR53-810-0: regdump : da 10 80 33 47 08 00 1f 01 08 00 28 80 00 08 00
NCR53-810-0: have to clear fifos

What the HELL is this and is there anyway to fix it ?  It seems to
occur when doing file writing, when i try to tar something for example
it will go into a continual unending loop displaying the above error
message.  I have refdisked, formated, and clean installed redhat and
the problem is still there :( Please help, if at all possible mail

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