New tool for linux Automated Network Bandwidth Control , beta version try it

New tool for linux Automated Network Bandwidth Control , beta version try it

Post by Art Reism » Sat, 26 Oct 2002 11:10:40

I just put up this web site and published my beta software under the
gnu license, all the information you need is at

1. Try the newly released "Networking Concepts" beta test at new site!

Dear System Administrator,

We are currently beta testing the new release of our web-based
'Networking Concepts' knowledge test.  This is the second release.
Thanks go out to the many of you who took the test in its first
release.  We greatly appreciated your feedback and have incorporated it

The format is  multiple choice.  To take the test, simply go to and select the link,  "Beta Testers" on the left side
of the page.  The rest should be self-explanatory.  Before taking the
test, check out the 'top ten' list to see the best scores to date!

Upon completion of the test, you will be scored 1-5 (1-Novice,
2-Beginner, 3-Intermediate, 4-Advanced and 5-Master) and be provided the
percentile that you fell into, based on the others who took the test.
The test is actually comprised of two tests of 16 questions each (that's
two chances to make the top ten!).  Any feedback you can provide us on
the quality of the questions and the test itself would be greatly
appreciated.  You will be given the opportunity to provide feedback on
each question as it is administered as well as at the end of the test.

The test is delivered in our production environment, so things might
seem a little 'strange'
prior to taking the test.  However, any information you provide will be
kept anonymous
(unless you make the top ten - we figured the bragging rights would make
it worth it!).

If you have any problems getting to the site, or have any questions in
general, please
feel free to contact me.  We hope that you enjoy the test and look
forward to your feedback!

Also, feel free to try out any of the other beta tests while you're
there.  Thanks in advance for your help and good luck!


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