Linux to Slirp: PPP or Slip?

Linux to Slirp: PPP or Slip?

Post by Zenon Fortu » Thu, 02 Nov 1995 04:00:00

>Hi all -

>I am attempting to connect to my dialup/slirp acct with Linux by using
>pppd connect chat etc.... I have succeeded only in a very jerky telnet
>session, (as evidenced by this message) and that only by typing the actual
>quad notation IP address of the Slirp host.  Netscape, etc doesn't connect
>at all. I sense some kind of DNS or IP address confusion.

Maybe the Dip+SLiRP+CSLIP text will give you some ideas ?
  - I posted it on October 16th to this group
  - it is available at
  - it is available at the

1. Question of Linux PPP, SLIP, or SLIRP & what is elf?


Just a couple of questions.

I hope this is the right list to be posting this article.  If not, could
someone let me know where I should post it.  Thanks.

This has to do with the Slackware version of Linux.  I am not sure of the
slackware version but the shell version is 1.1.59.  One disclaimer that I
would like to put in, I am quite new to the world of Linux, so if someone
is able to help me out with these questions and maybe more, I hope you
will be patient with me.  Thanks.

First, we just set up a Linux server on a network with 10 machines.  The
problem we are having is with something called yellow pages.  How do you
set it up so that if I boot machine #6, it will look at machine #1 for
the password file.  Machine #1 is intended to be the main server, but
each machine has the option to lilo boot.

Second, I am trying to set up dial in access and I am not sure how to go
about it.  I have read the slackware book, but it does not mention what
server software is needed.  I am intending on using Slirp for the remote
computer, unless someone has a different thought, but I am unsure what
software I should get for the server.

Third, I have been asked by someone if I am running elf or a.out and
quite frankly, I am not sure how to find out the answer.  As well as how
to go about running either one of these and which to run.  What is the
difference between the two and which is better?

I hope someone can help me out.  You can send your replies to


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