IP-telephony getaway based on voice modem?

IP-telephony getaway based on voice modem?

Post by Dmitry Veprints » Mon, 23 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I am  looking for the IP-telephony getaway which can be run on linux
box with USR voice-modem. So far i haven't find any ready solution.
I can imagine, that it should be possible: GSM compression library is
avaluble, USR uses GSM as internal voice format (Vgetty is an
example). A bunch of IP-phone software also exist, i think some of
them use GSM as voice format. So running something like voice daemon
on this box and using some IP-phone software on the other side?
This is the hardware setup:
I have a linux box on a relatively good network connection with a USR
voice-modem which i use as ppp dial-up server/fax getaway in my home
town. And i would like to call back home (for free) when i  am away
using internet. Generally, i have access to university net, which is
relatively fast, so all the low-bandwidth problems can be omitted so
far (not exactly, but this connection is better that modems, i can get
8-10 kb/sec, up to 15-20 nights/weekends ftp from US to Russia).
I would greatly appreciate any pointers in this direction.

Dmitry Veprintsev


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b) make phone calls.

After looking around in the disabled news groups, it seems as if many
wheelchair people (who can't move their hands) have chosen "voice activated
modems" for making phone calls.  But these voice activated modems cannot
easily be controlled by a separate, external voice recognition system
(like ViaVoice, from IBM). So they have to change headsets to make a phone
call (one microphone plugged into the voice modem, another microphone
plugged into the sound card). But people who can't move their hands can't
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