network printing question

network printing question

Post by Oscar Carril » Thu, 12 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I'm trying to setup printing between 2 linux boxes.

On one I've finally gotten everything to work right with printing to
an Epson Stylus Color 800.  But I'm having problems with network
printing from another machine.  I'm using Redhat 4.2, and I've been
doing as much as possible with Printtool.

Is it possible to configure the host with printtool.  It seems to me
that it's only for setting up the client.

The error I'm getting when I try to print is that "Your host does not
have line printer access.

I do not have a /etc/hosts.equiv or etc/hosts.lpd

Are these the files I need to list clients that have access. If so,
what is the syntax.  I did not see this mentioned in the HOWTO docs.

Thanks for any advice,