Making a @!&# PPP connection to WorldNet

Making a @!&# PPP connection to WorldNet

Post by Steven F. Dowe » Thu, 12 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Has anyone successfully connected a Linux PPP session to AT&Ts' Worldnet
service.  Their doc says that they use CHAP which I have set up but I think
my problem is with the way they expect the userid & passwords to come in.

Let me explain...  Upon negotiated modem connection, worldnet presents a
"Please Sign-on:" prompt.  If I reply my 9 character userid, I then get the
password prompt.  Replying my password to this I get an invalid userid

goes into the PPP negotiation which fails.

My chap & pap -secrets files both have
9charuserid      *           password


Thanks in advance...........

Steve Dower


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Has any one been successful in connecting to Worldnet using
Solaris 2.5 ppp?
Will appreciate a working file.
The difference here from calling a regular ppp terminal server is
that after login prompt, it starts sending encrypted data.
How is this handled?

My account is  working from windows3.1 and I have
the necessary details such as login, password, dns, pop mail, etc.

Vaibhav Dahake

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