dosemu and v-net for multiple emu sessions to Novell

dosemu and v-net for multiple emu sessions to Novell

Post by Michael Glov » Thu, 11 May 1995 04:00:00

We have recently upgraded our accounting package from an HP-UX based system
to a DOS multi-user system installed on our Netware 3.12 server.  The HP
is in our Pittsburgh office and the users in Houston would Telnet to the HP
and access the accounting package.  Now the system resides in Houston where
the accounting department is slowly being centralized.

For the next 6 months there will be a need for 5 Pittsburgh users to access
this new accounting system in Houston.  I have setup a copy of the executables
in Pittsburgh and mapped the data to the same drive letter that we use in
Houston, but the performance accross the WAN is, at best, terrible.

I decided, after testing the latest release of dosemu, to setup accounts on
the Linux (1.2.0) box here which is a print/fax server to allow the Pittsburgh
users to login and automatically login and use the accounting system.


Only one user can access it at a time since the ethernet address would be the
same for each user and causes the dosemu to belch and puke all over the system
locking up all sessions prior to the last person to login.  There is a directory
under the dosemu source directory named v-net which has a module that creates a
virtual network.  It creates a virtual ethernet address (based on the maj,min)
and passes packets to the user stack it is destined for.

Well, I have followed the instructions and tried and tried no avail.
The packets seem to arrive to the "primary" ethernet device "dsn0" but does
not seem to be routed/forwarded to the user stack.

If anyone has successfully used this Alpha code and could give me some points
to check and verify, I would appreciate it.

Please reply via email.


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I am recently try to install the v-net module for dosemu,
it works just fine, but I have some pronblems...

1> I can use ncsa telbin.exe totelnet into my linux under dosemu,
   but if I exit ncsa telbin.exe and re-run this program, it told
   me that it can not find the packet driver.
   So I have to re-start the dos emulator......:(

2> I trying to install the soss.exe (nfs server for dos),
   but this program seems can not use the packet driver which
   dosemu provides.
   Does anyone know how to solve this problem?
   (If this can be done, then I can use dosemu to make stacker works,
    mount this stacker volume from dosemu to linux!
    so great it is, right? :)

Any help or suggestion will be much appreciated...:)

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