IPX broadcast packet not seen by app

IPX broadcast packet not seen by app

Post by Benno » Mon, 22 Nov 1999 04:00:00

When a DOS or Win PC sends out an IPX broadcast datagram the packet doesn't
arrive on the Linux application. When the broadcast address 6x 0xFF is
replaced by the real MAC address the datagram arrives on the Linux
application. The socket we use is uniek on the system so that is not the
problem. It seems the kernel is not handleing broadcast IPX datgrams as it
would. Does someone has this problem before or am I the only one.

SuSE 6.1 linux kernel 2.2.5
mars_nwe is also running.



1. Disable IPX Routing NETBIOS Broadcast packets

I am running RedHat V6.0 with IPX stack
installed. Our LAN has Win95/98/NT machines
running as well. With the Net Monitor tracing the
LAN traffice in/out from my RedHat V6.0 PC, I
find out there are a lot of NETBIOS Broadcast
packets, name query packets coming out from my
Linux RedHat V6.0 PC through the IPX stack! Can
somebody out there help me out and tell me how I
can get rid of this NETBIOS Broadcasting packets
from the Linux IPX stacks? The IPX stack seems to
send these packets out every few hundred
microseconds and it is flooding our LAN. Please
help. Thanks in advance.

Paul S. Kwan

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