Linux routing...

Linux routing...

Post by Jason V. Roberts » Thu, 04 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Will the linux kernel do any type of route discovery on its own?  Someone
mentioned this to me, and I assumed it wasn't true.  If it is it's bad, bad
news :)

I ask because I'm having problems with routed (if our T1 on eth0 drops then
routes on eth1 are lost, which should NOT be happening).

What's also EXTREMELY annoying is that there is no working gated out there
for 1.3.x kernels it seems. The one on sunsite has that odd 'Can't open file'
problem on my system.  I guess I _can_ add multicast to the kernel, though I
shouldn't need to.  That may fix it?  I don't know, but routed is entirely
unacceptable.  Adding firewall rules to block out RIP on interfaces you don't
want is a kludge at best.  Is there another way to do this with routed?

It would be nice if some ingenius, kind person could put up some patches that
actually allow one to compile the source on a 1.3.xx (xx > 77) kernel.

Thanks for any suggestions wrt the above ramblings.


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