proxy blocking upgrading 2.0->2.2

proxy blocking upgrading 2.0->2.2

Post by teidim » Fri, 19 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Hi all.
We have some SuSE Linux machine in our LAN, connected to the world via
- intranet
- proxy -> internet
Netscape browse the intranet without problems. The (remote) proxy gives
access to the internet fairly well using SuSE6.0 with the "old" stable
kernel 2.0.36, but the PCs using the new kernel 2.2.0pre7 (SuSE6.0) and
2.2.10 (SuSE6.2) can't access it.
What's wrong with the new kernel? The proxy is reached, the external site
"contacted", but then netscape (I've tried the latest one) hangs up and the
timeout expires before I can get even a byte.

Help, please!

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        I have a really strange problem involving my dial-in ppp
server (Slackware 1.2.13)   with a ppp-conencted box using the latest
kernal V2.2 connecting to Solaris 5.7 SUNS with telnet/ftp

The story so far...
    For several years, I have had a ppp server running fine (Linux
1.2.13) on an ancient 386sx16, using mgetty, DIP (firing off
        This works extremely well for HTTP/ftp/telnet etc.. without
    problems at all   UP TO NOW!

I've recently upgraded my home machine from a V2.0 kernel to the V2.2
Kernel  (Slackware7.0) and now for some strange reason,
ftp and telnet sessions SPECIFICALLY TO Solaris 5.7 machines
the other side of the ppp connection seem crippled
(characters are echoed after a 4s delay, and
data arrives in huge blocks).  My DIP script and settings are copied
over from the old 2.0 system, and I'm not using CHAP etc.. passwords
or a firewall  (so I guess I don't need to fiddle with ipchains ?)

     Strangely,  ftp and telnet to a SUN running old SunOS works
perfectly well (as it does to Linux boxes).  I know of people running
slackware 7.0 on real ethernet (no via telephone line)  and that seems
OK too.  If I connect to the SunOS, the rsh to the Solaris machines,
that works too.  It's just the direct connection to the Solaris 5.7
using ftp/telnet which has problems  (http seems OK).

I've looked at the ppp debugging info, and nothing seems wrong (the
fact that it all works 100% OK except for ftp/telnet into Solaris 5.7
boxes seems to prove this.
      I've also tweaked MTU/MRU till I'm blue in the face, and that
doesn't seem to be the problem either

          There's something very screwy going on that I have yet to
get to the bottom of.   If anyone has nuggets of wisdom to share, I
would be very grateful, otherwise I'm in for a long session with a sniffer.

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