browsing samba 2.0 from NT

browsing samba 2.0 from NT

Post by Robert Kiend » Tue, 08 Jun 1999 04:00:00


with Samba 1.9 and Suse5.2 everything was fine.

switching to Samba 2.0 and Suse 6.1 we cannot see the linux
samba server anymore in the network browser list from NT and
win95 machines.

though we can connect to samba by directy establishing a
connection (through a drive letter thereby specifying user
and password)

we can also find samba with "Find Computer" and then browse
the samba server for a while, but only if at least one connection
by a drive letter is established before.
when the explorer refreshes display the samba server again disapears.

i think the problem has something to do with the nobody guest
account, which is obviously used in the browsing stage. but i
see "nobody" in passwd and it seems to be the same as with
samba 1.9 / suse 5.2.

i'd be glad if anybody could help



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Anyhelp is appreciated,


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