What is the diff between a T1/T3/128

What is the diff between a T1/T3/128

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A digital facility with a throughput (bandwidth) of 1.544 Megabits/second,
or the equivalent of 24 voice telephone lines, each with a bandwidth 64
Kilobits/second (or 4 KHz analog).


The equivalent of 28 T1s, or slightly less than 45 Megabits/second


ISDN is a method of bonding two 64 Kbps signals into a single stream 128
Kbps digital stream. It is typically a switched connection, in the same
sense as a regular voice telephone line, while T1s and T3s usually refer to
a dedicated facility.

A normal voice analog telephone line of 4 Kilocycles (aka KiloHertz) is
optimally converted to a digital signal of 64 Kbps. This is also sometimes
referred to as a DS0 (Digital Signal level 0), while T1s and T3s are also
typically referred to as DS1 and DS3 signals respectively.

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