news administration?

news administration?

Post by David Liderma » Mon, 01 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Hello! Can anybody tell me is there some friendly tool for news
administration? I'm trying to use INN 1.7 form RedHat 5 as a news server
(if I understand its function) suck with standard inn script to download
the messages and ppp dial-up. For now it puts all messages to junk
directory even after I put my newsgroups in active. It doesn't create
groups directories and doesn't put messages to them after I did it
manually. Is there some source of information other from NAG which
stopped on C News and doesn't cover INN? Please mail me the answer.
Thanx, David.


1. News administration tool ?

We have a news server (SS20 with SunOS4.1.3) running inn1.4 for a few months.
For a long time, I thought inn daemon add new newsgroups automatically,
but that seems not true. There are many mail regarding new newsgroup come
to news administrator's account every day, but those newsgroups were
never been added manually since I thought they were added already by daemon.
Are there any good tool which extract new newsgroup information from the
mail and run "ctlinnd" command against the group automatically?
I do not want to do manually since there are so many to do everyday.
Also I would like to update our active file to match the what our
newsfeeder have. Is it safe to replace our active file with the one
newsfeeder have?

Any help will be deeply appriciated.

Taeko Thompson

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