DIP script

DIP script

Post by Quentin Shane Sn » Sun, 25 Dec 1994 02:53:03

Is there any way to send a BREAK to the modem in
a dip script?

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1. Dip script won't run, but dip -t work?

Hi there,
     I have faced some problems with dip script.
     I tried to run my dip script, but it won't run. And I got the following
      Usage: port tty_name
      Set PORT first
      Dialing ..
      Timeout for modem connection.
      And I follow the script and manually type in exact same message (dip -t),
it works.  Does anyone has any idea about this?
      I really need some inputs about this problem.  So any input and advices
would be helpful.  And I really apprecaite for your time.
Kelvin Cho

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