Strange problem-Please Help

Strange problem-Please Help

Post by Chris Zimmerma » Thu, 24 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Here is the story:

I have setup a Samba server for use in our small Dallas office
of 6-7 computers).  I set the server up in Houston, and tested
on our LAN-everything worked fine...I installed the server in Dallas,
all of my clients (Win95) posted a message about the password is
or logon to the specified server is denied.  The passwords are correct,
I even tried clear text passwords with the registry hack (as we are
encrypted passwords).  I am on my last nerve...

Samba 1.9.18p10
Encrypted Passwords

Houston Net:

x.x.x.125  IP Addresss  Subnet Mask
x.x.x.1 Default Gateway
x.x.x.0 Net Address
x.x.x.255 Broadcast Address

Dallas Net:

x.x.x.110  IP address
x.x.x.97 Default Gateway
x.x.x.96 Net Address
x.x.x.127 Broadcast Address

The only difference between the networks is displayed above.  I adjusted

the IP settings accordingly, restarted Samba (I even recompiled Samba
because the logs said something about broken glibc libs-yes, I fixed the

libs) and everything on the server appeared to work fine.  Smbclient -L
host -U user at first stalled, then I fixed that, and it worked fine.
Nmblookup looked up hosts on the network fine.  This being the case, why

can the clients not log in to the server?  In Houston, I setup a Win95
station to login without any problems.  What am I missing?

Thank you,
Chris Zimmerman


1. Strange problems, please help.

Okay, I had a server here running Slackware Linux 3.4 for a long, long
time.. it was fine.. but just for kicks I'll give a description of the

Intel Pentium 90
48 MB of RAM
Award BIOS
850 MB Seagate HDD
Intel Etherexpress Pro
Sound Blaster 16 (Old, non PnP)
S3 trio64 Video card.

Again, everything was fine but I decided to install RedHat 5.2 instead of
Slackware.. so I wiped the drive.  RedHat kept locking up half way through
creating the ext2 filesystem.  I tried like 3 times.  Then I formatted the
drive with MS-DOS and tried RedHat again and it worked..
        next problem... Load Redhat and the network card doesn't work.  During the
installtion I told it there was an Etherexpress Pro, but it kept saying
"Cannot find device" and so I decided not to install the card and do it
later under the Redhat control panel and manually assign it the eepro.o
module.  Well, that doesn't work.  During boot insmod says "Device or
resource busy" and doesn't install the module.  Of course, ifconfig can't
find it because eth0 isn't installed..  The only thing I haven't tried is
assigning it manually an I/O range and/or IRQ but I don't know what the
card is set to.  This was never neccessary under Slackware with the driver
built into the kernel.
        Also, Xwindows crashes a lot and the whole system just generally locks up
a lot.  Again, this never happened before and this whole hardware was
running fine only hours before this project.  What could be wrong?  I have
a theory but no real evidence to prove it.  Is the Network card's IRQ
somehow moved and conflicting with something else in the system causing the
crashes and not allowing me to detect the card any longer?
        Please advise possible causes!

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