LAN browsing/Gnomba/SAmba problem

LAN browsing/Gnomba/SAmba problem

Post by paul coope » Wed, 02 Oct 2002 16:12:21

mixed Win98/linux (mandrake 9) network with freesco router (

installed samba on the router
win98 machines can now see the router.
from konqueror smb://router sees the router
gnomba sees nothing

in addition i now cant ftp for the router

anyone know what going on and how to sort it?


1. problem to browse the LAN with konqueror :-((

i have just installed SUSE 7.2 on a Toshiba Satellite 4900 xcdt. Nearly
everything works fine (printing, Internet, applications) and i can access
the shares on SUSE from the windows-client (via Samba 2.2). But the only
thing i can see when i use the konquerer on the LINUX-Box to "look" into the
LAN is the message "cannot contact the machine localhost.".

LAN-config is this:

Host:    paed6pc
DNS:        behind the Gateway

I can ping the windows-client, "localhost", loopback, the gateway an
internet-hosts. So why is it *not* possible to browse the LAN using the

Thanks, Bernd

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