I have a Strange Network Problem plz help

I have a Strange Network Problem plz help

Post by John Morale » Sat, 18 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I have setup up RedHat 5.1 with kernel 2.0.34 and a pci ne2000 compatible
netcard. I wanted to connect my win98 box to the Linux box so I installed
another ne2000 compatible isa card in the Win98 box. I have the Linux box
already to go with the network setup but when I telneted over from the win98
box to the Linux box I connected but for no reason I got disconnected after
like 5 seconds, Windows telnet said the connection was reset.... Can some
one help me here

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hi all !

me and my friend are fighting now for days upon a certain (complex)
networking issue.
at first i thought this is impossible but now i know nothing about it.
i'm no linux guru, but i try to :-)

here's my problem:

i have a local subnet
connected to world 0/0
and masqed.

everythings allright so far, but know the problems arise:

i have 3 public fix ip-addresses like, lets assume i have ips
from .3 to .5

my world comes to fw from eth1
my local is eth0
my designated public ip computer is at eth2

now my router plugged before firewall is located in _the same_ subnet as i
have my public addresses, that means my router (reachable through eth1) has
ip (same subnet as my public ips).

this consequently means that i have 2 _same_ subnets on 2 _different_ ifs
(eth1 & eth2).

first question: in general, is it possible to have 2 same subnets on 2
different ifaces ?

i tried this. it works only partially, and i'm not sure wether the problem
is routing or masquing...

if i configure both eth1 and eth2 as same subnets, i can reach both subnets
from fw-machine.. so far so good,
my masquing is only for eth0 (yet)...

now i want that eth2 (my given public ips) are forwarded through fw, so that
i can ping the world from, which is plugged to fw via eth2....
this is the breaking point anyway. no matter what i try ___i cant ping world
from my fix public ip-machine___

second question:
is this network topology possible to configure anyway ???

whats the goal of such a config ? -> i just want a webserver running on secured by fw-machine has ip (eth2) plugged to world
via router ( on eth1 and a subnet on eth0...

i know it's getting a bit complex, but it's a challange for you (and me),
isn't it ? :-)

btw: i use suse6.3 and ipchains

if you can help me, you guru outside spending whole weekends configuring
networks, __plz__ help me...

thanks alot,


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