help: Lynx with firewall

help: Lynx with firewall

Post by victor.. » Sat, 03 Jul 1999 04:00:00

  How can I configure Lynx to no ask the user/passwordof of the firewall in
each diferent server I connect?

  I tryed with -auth and -pauth, but it only works in the first server I

  Is posible to configure Linux to go through the firewall (with
user/password) for all the applications? In a ~transparent way, without
configuring each program with user/password.  It would be something like a
'gateway' between the applications and the firewall.

  (and sorry for my english)


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1. Lynx on Solaris 7: Firewall issues

I got the precompiled lynx binary for Solaris 7 from the PatriotSoft depository
( and installed it
as root using the pkgadd -d file.pkg command. I have got it working, but
have a few questions.

(1) I have set http_proxy:, https_proxy and other similar variables to
point to our firewall as follows. E.g.


How can I setup lynx to queries multiple proxies, in series, as
needed. For example, say we have three proxies:, and In case proxy1 is down, or
does not respond, proxy2 should be used, etc. Is there a way to configure
lynx for this?

(2) If I type "lynx" everything works OK. However, if
I just type "lynx", lynx tries, then,, etc., and fails. How can I set
the default prefix to be http://, if http:// is not specified?

Changing the URL prefix variable to "http://" does not help. If I change
the URL prefix variable to be "http://www" then typing "lynx"
will work, but of course typing "lynx" will result in
"lynx" which is not right.

In short, I ONLY want to add http:// prefix, if there are no prefixes.

Thanks for your help.

Bhoot Nath

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