Acessing a Linux PC via Serial or Parallel port.

Acessing a Linux PC via Serial or Parallel port.

Post by David Efflan » Mon, 19 Oct 1998 04:00:00


> I have Linux set up on a Pentium at home. I have an old 386 PC at
> home with Win 3.1. I should be able to log onto Linux from my 386 using
> either the Windows 3.1 Acessory Program or even a DOS terminal program.

> I have no problems creating new user accounts for my Linux installation
> or using the Win 3.1 Terminal Program, but I am pretty much in the dark
> with respect to the settings and cable connections required on my Linux
> Machine to allow this to happen.

> Presumably it is quite possible. Has anyone got any advice on what I need
> to do in regard to config files and programs on the Linux side of the
> connection? A few tips in regard to cabling might be handy as well.

> Thanks in advance,

> Bernard Doyle

Just get either a null modem cable or LapLink/Interlink type serial
cable, See the Serial HOWTO for setting up a getty on the Linux end
and direct connect to COM port with your terminal program on the
remote end.  You may want to stick with 9600 bps if your old machine
has 8250 UART.

I have hooked up a palm-size PC as a terminal, but the font was so
tiny that I had to use a magnifying glass to see what I was doing with
my >45 eyes with no bifocals yet.

David Efflandt/Elgin, IL USA