Need help with multicast routing

Need help with multicast routing

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Where can I find resources to do multicast routing in linux? I want to
setup a multicast router in my office to stream local content.

The documents seem to be out-dated and my recent experiments with
mrouted on kernel 2.4.26 and iperf for testing failed miserably.

Has anyone succesfully used linux as multicast router? If so, how?
Padam J Singh.


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Hi all.

I am reposting my question.

I want to setup multicast routing server with 2 ethernet cards.

One interface(e.g. eth0) can only receive packets and connected subnet
A. And the other interface(e.g. eth1) is normal one that connected to
local subnet B.

What I want to do is when a PC in the subnet B joins the multicast
my linux machine receive multicast packets from eth0 and route it to the

PC via interface eth1.

I have tried it with 'mrouted', but I don't know how to confgiure it.
Is it possible with 'mrouted' ?

If anyone has an idea about it, please help me.


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