setting up sendmail to forward?

setting up sendmail to forward?

Post by » Tue, 26 Apr 2011 19:56:00

I've never done any network configuration.

I've got this app. running on Linux, which accesses the internet, but
its mail-client can't do my ISPs latest send-authorisation.

Apparently this instalation's only MTA is sendmail.
Please give some instructions on how to proceed.
sendmail's man gives only options, for somebody who already knows how to start.

> If a Mail Transfer Agent, MTA, is running on your Linux
> system you don't move a text file from ETHO to Linux and
> then send the emessage from a Mail User Agent in Linux.  
> Your ETHO system sends the emessage directly to the MTA
> which forwards it to the ISP.  It's just a matter of
> configuring exim or Postfix properly on the Linux system.

I like that idea.  Also, if I learned how to network-configure,
I could do some 'local' testing of eg. send-confirmation,
instead of dialing into my ISP to test each step.

Quote:> Exim is still the stock MTA in Debian.  I proferred
> working with Postfix when it was necessary but it was an
> optional installation.

This present installation has got 'sendmail' which is
reputed to be a monster.  I'll try to get some advice
from the 'network USEnetGroup' how to configure it
if I fail after reading the man.
Well I didn't even know where to START after reading the man,
but I liked the /etc/mail/helpfile which explained the:
HELO EHLO AUTH. I read it with `less` and `sendmail help`
just hangs.

== TIA.


setting up sendmail to forward?

Post by Joe Zef » Wed, 27 Apr 2011 03:12:19

It's not directly related to your question, but the very first thing you
*need* to do is create an account for yourself and use it instead of
logging in as root for normal use.  That's the equivalent of doing
everything as Administrator on a Windows machine and is best described as
a recipe for disaster.

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