DSL/router running somekind of linux on board.. is it out there.

DSL/router running somekind of linux on board.. is it out there.

Post by Harry Putna » Fri, 25 May 2001 01:45:16

Any posters here know of a DSL/router/firewall that runs somekind of
linux os on board and is configurable though a text based interface or
at least not dependant on java.

1. A little OT but I am running Linux off the DSL.

Hi all,

I see the group has discussed telco problems before so
here goes:

I just got a new DSL line that I use with Linux to get
on the Internet.  That part works fine, supposted to be
1.5 in speed.  My problem is that the wire connecting
the outside pole to my DLS modem is short about 10
feet with a spitter/filter on the inside.  One way connects
to a regular phone and the other way connects to my
DSL modem.  When I use the phone, I get a very lowd
humming through the ear side which can be plainly
heard on the other side of the conversation also.

So, how lowd does it have to be before SBC will
actually fix it?  Will this affect my DSL performance?
What piece of equipment would one use to meassure
the actual level of the humming?

When I ask SBC to do a line check, they say everything
is fine.


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