Problems with network

Problems with network

Post by Kari Telaran » Mon, 17 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I try to build a network between 3 machines. (286/12, 486/120 and P90).
286: 3c501 etherlink card, DOS, IP
486: 3c501 etherlink card, Linux 2.0.28 (SlackWare), IP
P90: NE2000 clone (PnP disabled), Linux 2.0.27 (RedHat) and Win 95, IP

But any of these machines won't respond to PING or Telnet. I can grap P90's
packets on 486 and so (using tcpdump),
but if i try to PING P90 on 486, all packets will be lost + P90 prints te
following message (many times):
"eth0: bogus packet size=36928, status=0x21 nxpg=0xdd
 eth0: next frame inconsistency, 0xdd"
(this happens _only_ when i try to ping P90 on 486)
What could be wrong?



Problems with network

Post by Gary Hest » Mon, 17 Mar 1997 04:00:00

>I try to build a network between 3 machines. (286/12, 486/120 and P90).
>286: 3c501 etherlink card, DOS, IP
>486: 3c501 etherlink card, Linux 2.0.28 (SlackWare), IP

Get rid of the 3C501s. *Nobody* recommends using them any more. You can
get new NE2000 clones for $25 or less, or used 3C503, 3C507, SMC8013 and
SMC8216 cards for $10 or so. I picked up a SMC8216 Combo for $7.50 once.

You'll find things work *much* better.



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