Term: Failed to connect to term socket... HELP!

Term: Failed to connect to term socket... HELP!

Post by Joe Mazzarel » Wed, 14 Jun 1995 04:00:00

After reading the relevant docs (Term.HOWTO, INSTALL, README, etc.),
I can't find a solution to this problem. After a semi-successful
installation of Term 2.3.5 under Linux (1.2.9), during 'termtest'
or while running term on the remote computer and local one,
trsh and tdownload work fine. However, tupload complains as follows:

   Term: Failed to connect to term socket `/root/.term/socket'.

I am running term in protected/private mode.
When term is run as a user instead of root, the same failure occurs,
with tupload looking for `$HOME/.term/socket', but unable to connect.
The socket itself is there (as root or user), and changing its permissions
didn't help. An older verion of term/tupload worked on my system, but I
need the new term working with the new kernel to make use of the
termutils package (termified Netscape, etc.).

What silly thing am I doing wrong or forgetting?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.



1. Failed to connect to term socket '/home/sjw/.term/socket

Term problem: The subject says it... when I run

tupload /usr/bin/term /usr/temp

As the HOWTO suggests on both my single user Linux system as well as
the network Suns over the phone line at my internet site I get (again)

Term: Failed to connect to term socket '/home/sjw/.term/socket'

I used the standard install from AP sets for my linus system and
the term-2.2.4 package install (./configure --user; make install)
on the Sun end.

both ends have .term directories with

darkstar:~> ls -l .term
total 3
srwxr-xr-x   1 sjw      users           0 Jan 28 20:08 socket=
-rwxr-xr-x   1 sjw      users        2730 May 29  1993 termrc*

So I'd guess there's a socket there. What obviousness am I missing?

Thanks for any help

(P.S. Based on the new HOWTO, I also installed the /usr/src/term-2.2.4
as shared under root - trying to do the 'chgrp term <term_client>;
chmod g+s <term_client>' stuff guessing what <term-client> files were
intended - and run termtest. All I got was

bash# termtest &
[1] 898
bash# tupload .xinitrc /tmp
Term: Failed to connect to term socket '/usr/local/lib/term/tmp/private/socket'

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