HELP! Linux kills my IDE drive in WIN95

HELP! Linux kills my IDE drive in WIN95

Post by David Powic » Mon, 29 Apr 1996 04:00:00

A strange thing happens after I run linux (Red Hat 3.0.3).  When I
start up Win95 after using linux my IDE CDROM drive (Torisan) is not readable.
The system locks up when I try to read off the drive.  The only solution
I have found is to remove the hard drive controller driver in win95,
reboot, reinstall the driver for the HD controller, reboot again and every
thing works after that.
        Has anyone seen this problem before?

David Powicki


1. win95 killed lilo on scsi drive. Please help!

Well, I just recently got win95 going, after about 8 hours of hardware
problems.  I decided to do a few things in linux, so I tried booting, and


I'm using 1.3.14 and have a 2940W w/st15150W.  Everything works perfectly
till after installing win95.

I use bootmanager from OS2/Warp.  I have my msdos/win95 and linux
partitions on the bootmanager list.

After installing win95 I successfully reactivated bootmanager.

Linux comes up with the first line(something like 'Lilo Loading vmlinuz').

Usually some '....' appear after that and it decompresses it into memory,
but it stops there.  Just a hang, not a halt.  I can reboot and numlock
goes on/off.

I tried using my bootdisk that I made, it goes fine until after
partitions check when it tries to mount root:

< more parts >
< more>
[MS-DOS FS Rel. 12,FAT 0, check=n,conv=n,uid=0,gid=0,umask=022,bmap]
[me=0x0, cs=0,#f=0,fs=0,f1=0,ds=0,de=0,data=0,se=0,ts=0,ls=0]
Transaction block size 512k
HPFS: hpfs_read_super: Not HPFS
Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 03:01


This is the message is gives.

I have the slackware setup disks from and can at least
access my scsi drive.  I can mount all my drives successfully and a
e2fsck on them yield an 'ok.'  I edited my fstab to just be the root
parition, no go.

I tried to install lilo again on that device(/dev/sda6--my root): ran
liloconfig and asked for new setup, did all that, it didn't complain, but
didn't change anything from what I already said.

Of course I'm thinking about just copying that stuff over and then
reinstalling a base ai1 ai2 from I think I'm just
doing something wrong.


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