HOWTO Dynamic SLIP server setup? HELP!

HOWTO Dynamic SLIP server setup? HELP!

Post by laben.. » Fri, 13 Jan 1995 00:51:19

Hi Linux Guys,
Does anyone know how to setup a dynamic SLIP server?
In particular:
1) - Which address pool is to use?
2) - How the address pool is managed?
3) - How let know the dial-in user the variable address?
4) - RTFM, but where?
I read the Network Administrator Manual, but found no answer.

Thanks in advance for help.

        Luca Salvadori


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I have about 50 slip users who access the Internet via slip.  Until two days
ago they accessed via sliplogin.  However, after udating the kernel to 1.1.65
and installing the system utilities from the lates version of slackware,
sliplogin no longer works.  It exits with the error message:

"Access Denied -- No Login File"

My configuration files for sliplogin as well as user information were
installed from backups.  File locations and permissions for Sliplogin remain
the same, yet it does not work.

Is there another way to set up a dynamic Slip server?  Is this problem

Looking for any suggestion that can put my users back on line.

Robert Bageant
Pristine Communications

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