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I'm having problems getting my NIC to boot off the ROM..

I have two SMC 1211TX NIC's (10/100 PCI)...   (I'm using both for testing purposes)

I'm using an Am27C256-205DC EPROM..

I used "rom-o-matic" 5.0.4 to create a Binary Image..

The computer doesn't see the BOOT ROM..   It fails to boot..    (I configured the NIC to boot to ROM
and set the size to 32k)   (I did the same on the other card)

I use "rom-o-matic" 5.0.4 to create a BOOT DISK and a DOS.COM file and they both work with both
cards...    I don't understand why the ROM won't work..


I've successfully created a BOOT ROM using the same EPROM on a 3C509B ISA 10Mbs NIC..  It's just not
working for the SMC NIC's..

Can anyone provide me with some assistance?  I'd greatly appreciate it..



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Hi.  I'm having trouble getting etherboot to work.  Does anyone have it
working?   My company bought the Red Hat Linux EDK and I haven't gotting
past the installation procedure because etherboot isn't working with the
NICs I've tried.

I tried it with the FA310TX and it isn't working.  (the Ethernet ID
seems to be wrong).

I tried it with the D-Link DFE-530TX+ and it isn't working.  (It doesn't
see the card).

Can someone tell me a specific NIC manufacturer and card number that is
working with etherboot?  I'd really like some feedback that it does
actually work with something.

I've also tried it with several versions of the program (etherboot-4.5.6
and etherboot-4.6.2) but I'm a little stuck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :) :) :)

-Dennis Arce

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