forwarding X clients to masqueraded machines

forwarding X clients to masqueraded machines

Post by Drew_Gol.. » Tue, 01 Oct 1996 04:00:00


Get and build xmove - it pretty much compiles w/o any problems.

On the machine that is your ppp0 gateway (and masquerade machine) run:

xmove -server target:0 &

Where target:0 is the masqueraded box on your private subnet where you
want the xclients to display.

Now, go out to your favorite unix box out there on the net, set your
DISPLAY to point back to your ppp0 gateway (setenv DISPLAY gateway:1)
- note the :1 is where xmove is listening.  Run you xapp and it should
display on your masqueraded display.

Works like a top.



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