Q: router vs. router

Q: router vs. router

Post by Rachael Ros » Fri, 27 Oct 1995 04:00:00

>Hi everybody,
>I have a non-linux problem concerning routers. How do you native English
>speaking net experts pronounce `router'? I alway pronounced it
>`rooter'. But now I hear lots of non-English people pronounce that `ou'
>like in `trout'. What is right?

English (United Kingdom version) rhymes with root

American (International version) rhymes with trout

Rachael Rosen
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1. Linux/Win2K Server As A Router vs. Linksys Router (BEFSR41)


I have a cable modem connection with a single semi dynamic
public IP address.  Currently, I have installed a Linksys router
(BEFSR41) between the cable modem and my intranet LAN to share
my Linux machine as well as several windows machines.  I am
thinking to replace this Linksys Router with a home made Win2K
server or Linux running on either a winchip 200MHz or an AMD
K6-2 400MHz CPU (prefer to use a winchip 200MHz CPU from IOpener
and put the 400MHz CPU to the IOpener).  Frankly speaking, I am
opted to use Linux over Win2K as a router.  However, being
limited to only a single public IP address, I am force to
thinking of using Win2K instead of Linux as my router mainly
because I can attach several USB devices, i.e. VoIPBlaster,
ActionTec VoIP devices, etc.  to the router to use them.  As
with Linux, the VoIPBlaster driver found on the SourceForge
site, (http://sourceforge.net/projects/voip-blaster), is still
to early to use.

I am very confused to face this dilemma and am hoping you all
will be able to help me out.  TIA.

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