ifdown question

ifdown question

Post by John E. Jone » Thu, 23 Sep 1999 04:00:00

While I bring the system down, the messages that appear on the screen such
as send TERM, etc, I noticed a problem message. It said that it could not
find ifdown. I went to the sbin/ and ifdown was there, but as a symbolic
link. To what I have no clue, since ifup was not a link. I opened the ifdown
link in a text editor, and there is code. I know this file has something to
do with bring the network down. So, how do I fix this? BTW, I am using COL



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             Just wondering if someone else might have this minor problem.
Running Redhat 6.1 & have initscripts installed allowing for ipup ppp0 type
connections & ifdown ppp disconnects. Trouble is i would really like it that
when bring up these i got some type of echo to my screen as to what was
happening. All i get is command not found but it still dials in & connects
fine. I can only imagine that it is something in the actual /sbin/ifup of
sbin/ifdown script that when run isnt understood. It is not to the point of
affecting my connection it is really more just for cosmetic reasons that i
want to fix this. I found the below in my /var/log messages file

Oct 19 23:05:00 echelon ifdown: ./ifdown: ^Q: command not found
Oct 19 23:05:00 echelon ifdown: /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifdown-ppp:
^Q: command not found

Any ideas/help on this would be great



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