ISP-like bandwidth/download limiting

ISP-like bandwidth/download limiting

Post by erik » Tue, 18 Nov 2003 17:40:36


I manage a network with several users. Each user has his/her own pc, and
uses that for internet access. Each PC has a fixed IP.

Is it possible to impose a download limit based on computer (IP address),
just like most ISPs do? For instance, if the user on PC 1 has used up his
download limit (e.g. 10GB/month), bandwidth for that user (PC) should be
limited to smallband (e.g. 64k). What (GNU) tools can I use to achieve this?



1. Bandwidth Limiting / Download Quota's with Linux

ok, I'm running a Linux system as an internet gateway for the LAN.
I want to put bandwith limits [ie; 5k/sec] on certain LAN IP addresses and
set download quotas [ie; 50mb/day] on certain LAN IP's...

Result being for example: can only download at a max of 5k/sec and has a limit of 50mb

How can this be done???


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