HELP-Installing Intel EtherExpress

HELP-Installing Intel EtherExpress

Post by Jim L » Thu, 03 Aug 1995 04:00:00


I'm trying to install an Intel EtherExpress lan card in my Linux
system.  I've gone through the steps to configure and build a
new kernel, but during boot, I see no msgs indicating that
the software is trying to find the EtherExpress card, and after
booting, eth0 is not in existence.

I have done the 'make config', 'make dep', 'make clean', and the
'make zImage'.  I am running loadlin, so I then copy zImage from the
/usr/src/linux/arch/i386/boot directory to /intlinux.  Then I am
rebooting, and doing:

loadlin e:\linux\intlinux root=/dev/hda5

Boots fine, but nothing showing for eth0.  

I would be grateful for any suggestions.  Thx in advance,
Jim Lum


1. Help: How to install network for Intel Etherexpress

I'm new for Linux. I just setup Linux from slcakwar.e Everything is fine
except the network.

My computer system is:

Dell 486-DX2-50 with 8MB RAM.
Ethernetcard: Intel etherexpress.
IRQ=5 I/O address 300-30Fh

The following procedure is the way I tried, according the net2howto and

1.setup the IPaddress,netmask.... in rc.inet1 when I installed the Linux.
2. uncomment the intel etherexpree in
3. use "make config" to choose  intel etherexpress.
4. use "make dep" and "make clean".
5. reboot.

The final message shown in the booting are:
Going multiuser
SIOCSIFADDR: Invalid arguement
SIOCSIFMASK: Invalid arguement
SIOCADDRT: Invalid arguement
Network Unreachable

I doubt, it is IRQ problem. so I go to /usr/src/../drivers/net/eepress.c
I found, there is aline
#deinfe SET_IRQ=7
I change it as #deinfe SET_IRQ=7.
Repeat i=the above procedure again.
It's still the same.

Any comment from experience user?

Thank you for your help in advance.

Yeongkuo Lin
Physics Department
Brown University


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