LPD Hold Up ...

LPD Hold Up ...

Post by Patrick La » Sat, 23 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Dear Experts,

    I am now facing a strange problem, but I knew from other newsgroup
that someone facing the same problem and still unsolved.  I am now
connecting two HP4050 Printers to a Linux Server through the JetDirect
using TCP/IP.  The Server is also servered as a Samba server for some
Win98 clients.  However, it is found that the LPD sometimes hold up but
do not print to the printer and from the JetDirect status homepage, the
printer is ready for job.  Does anyone know the answer ??  My only
solution now is to check whether two LPD daemon exist half-an-hourly by
a cron job and if it is true, the LPD will be reset.  Of course, it is
not the best solution ...

    Thank you very much for your kind help and attention !


1. Term and Mosaic/ncftp hold-ups

        I am having a variety of small problems with term.  One problem
has been with me since term 114 and Mosaic+term 2.2 I think it was.  I
now use term1.1.8 and Mosaic+term 2.4..   This problem is that if a site
is unreachable or similiar (ie getting back a document cannot be access
error), during the 10-20 second wait until Mosaic times out the attempt
ALL term connections are hung and useless during this time... clicking
the world (which is not spinning during the attempt to initially connect)
does nothing (the pointer is a watch still at this point).  I thought
this may be normal, but was told it is abnormal.  Anyone have any clues
as to what might cause this?
        Second problem is during ncftp1.70+term transfers (even to and
from the host machine where I term to) there will be gaps and pauses of a
second or two with no modem activity at all, again during which time
other term trsh's or the like are 'hung' and thus dropping my overall
throughput by about 50-60% becuase of these 'pauses'.
        Both sides using term1.1.18... v32.bis modems on both ends, term
compression turned off.  Tlog files are always empty so no errors seem in
it.  I would assume the connection is clean as transferred files and all
are always correct, they just simply pause for a second or two every few
seocnds during the download... quite annoying.
        If anyone has any thoughts or help on this, please let me know.
        Thanks in advance.
        J.J. Lehett

John J. Lehett
Land-J Technologies

John J. Lehett
Land-J Technologies

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