Planet Wireless Adapter (wl-8300) and Linux

Planet Wireless Adapter (wl-8300) and Linux

Post by grn » Sun, 10 Mar 2002 08:04:03

Hello! As I said in the topic: Has anyone succeded running this card (pcmcia
card+ricoh pci->pcmcia adapter) under linux with no problems? I've got this
card running(it bridges two LANs) but whenever it gets large traffic it just
disconnects. The operating system works with no problems and there is no
message in logs, but the cards won't connect again until i reboot both
computers. (running /etc/init.d/pcmcia restart doesn't work) Maybe anyone
knows what the problem is? Maybe you know how to initialize these cards (and
pci->pcmcia adapter) without rebooting the system? The systems are: debian
gnu/linux 2.2, kernel: 2.4.17. The distance is about 80m in open area. The
cards haven't any external antennas. Only these built in.
Thanks for any help

1. Planet Smart Com PCI ENW-8300 Ethernet adapters

I got one of these from Software warehouse, but it doesn't seem to want
to work, Red Hat 5.0 just won't recognise it.  If anyone could offer me
some help via email with installing this supposed NE2000 compatable I
would greatly appreciate it :)

Many Thanks

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