Richochet 128kbs Wireless PCMCIA card stuff

Richochet 128kbs Wireless PCMCIA card stuff

Post by Simon Spoone » Sat, 10 Feb 2001 14:55:59

Hi Folks,

I have a nice shiny new 128kbs wireless PCMCIA card and I'm trying to get it
working under Mandrake 7.2.

So far, so good.

PPP connects, authenticates and I'm able to ping anything I like.  The
problem comes when I use packets of a larger size... say I ping someone with
500 bytes... I get either nothing back or messages from ping telling me the
packet was corrupt.

I've tried setting MRU but the Richochet folks machine rejects my request.

I've looked in the LCP logs, I can see the MRU being rejected...
Funny, on the same machine a standard modem connection does the same
thing... on another machine also mandrake 7.2 the modem works fine, but I
still have the Wireless problem.

I'm stuck.

I've been all over the ppp kernel driver code looking for clues, and even
been putting debug code into the serial.c driver hoping for something like
an overrun error or something...

Anyone have any ideas of stuff I could look at ????

Oh, yeah, I don't seem to have IRQ clash or problems, I can see interrupts
in my debug code coming from the serial port.



1. Hawking Wireless PCMCIA card / pcmcia-cs

I downloaded (from the linux driver for my wireless
card.  I ran into trouble installing it, and had to download and
install 'pcmcia-cs' from Sourceforge.

I did .Config, make all, and make install on both packages.  (I had to
do pcmcia-cs first, so that the Hawking driver would install.)

Then, I rebooted.  When I go into the Control Center (I'm using SuSE
8.0 Professional), it doesn't see another network device.  I chose
"Configure" and told it to install a pcmcia network card with DHCP.
Then, I rebooted.  (I know, there's got to be way to do everything
except replace the kernel without rebooting, but I don't know how.)
Still, I get nothing.  Does anyone know where to look?

The Hawking driver doesn't come with any documentation that I could
find.  There were 'doc' and 'man' folders, but neither contained
anything useful, and there was no README, just a file containing the
names of supported cards, a 'TODO' file, and a bugfix file.  The file
I downloaded can be gotten by going to the driver download section of and selecting the device WE011P.

Thank you,

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