Linux ISDN

Linux ISDN

Post by demiche » Fri, 05 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Which ISDN modems could I use in Linux (SuSe 5.3 or 6.0)?
Is it possible to use the TA Sportser Usrobotics in Linux OS?

Linux ISDN

Post by Simon Oosthoe » Sat, 06 Nov 1999 04:00:00

> Which ISDN modems could I use in Linux (SuSe 5.3 or 6.0)?
> Is it possible to use the TA Sportser Usrobotics in Linux OS?

from the isdn4linux site:

5.1 hardware_support: Which hardware is supported?

Only internal cards that plug into an ISA or PCI slot are supported. ISA
Plug&Play cards are also supported, but need some additional manual
configuration by means of the
isapnptools. For details on the configuration see question config_pnp.

Internal cards may be active, semi-active, or passive. Unless you have
paid big money, assume you have a passive card. More about the
difference: see question

Right now there is a driver for all passive card with certain Siemens
chipsets (HiSax driver). Have a look at the README.HiSax that comes with
the driver for the most up to
date information on supported cards. Here the status from 4th September
1999 (constantly improving):

     Teles 8.0/16.0/16.3 and compatible ones (like: Dr. Neuhaus Niccy
1016, Creatix 16/S0)
     Teles 16.3c (can not be used as reversed card)
     Teles S0/PCMCIA
     Teles PCI
     Teles S0Box
     Creatix S0Box
     Creatix PnP S0
     Compaq ISDN S0 ISA card
     AVM A1 (Fritz, Teledat 150 ISA)
     AVM Fritz PCMCIA
     AVM Fritz PnP
     AVM Fritz PCI
     ELSA Microlink PCC-16, PCF, PCF-Pro, PCC-8
     ELSA Quickstep 1000
     ELSA Quickstep 1000PCI (new name: ELSA Microlink PCI)
     ELSA Quickstep 3000 (same settings as QS1000)
     ELSA Quickstep 3000PCI
     ITK ix1-micro Rev.2
     Eicon.Diehl Diva 2.0 ISA and PCI (S0 and U interface, no PRO
     Eicon.Diehl Diva Piccola
     ASUSCOM NETWORK INC. ISDNLink 128K PC adapter (order code
     Dynalink IS64PH (OEM version of ASUSCOM NETWORK INC. ISDNLink 128K
     All other ASUSCOM/Dynalink cards (includes OEM versions; in total
more than 50 card versions)
     HFC-2BS0 based cards (TeleInt SA1)
     Sedlbauer Speed Card (Speed Win, Teledat 100, PCI, Fax+)
     Sedlbauer Speed Star/Speed Star2 (PCMCIA)
     Sedlbauer ISDN-Controller PC/104
     USR Sportster internal TA (compatible Stollmann tina-pp V3)
     ith Kommunikationstechnik GmbH MIC 16 ISA card
     Traverse Technologie NETjet PCI S0 card
     Dr. Neuhaus Niccy PnP/PCI
     Siemens I-Surf 1.0
     Siemens I-Surf 2.0 (with IPAC, try type 12 asuscom)
     ACER P10
     HSR Saphir
     Berkom Telekom A4T
     Scitel Quadro
     Gazel ISDN cards
     HFC-PCI based cards
     PCI/Winbond W6692 based cards


     PCF, PCF-Pro: up to now, only the ISDN part is supported
     PCC-8: not tested yet
     Teles 16.3c is EXPERIMENTAL
     Teles S0Box is EXPERIMENTAL
     Eicon.Diehl Diva U interface not tested
     Some cards do not work when compiled into the kernel, only when
started as modules
     No voice mode for all cards from CCD yet: HFC (Teleint) and HFC-S
based cards (exception: HFC-S PCI works in voice mode)
     To distinguish between HFC-PCI and PCI/Winbond, have a look at the
output of cat /proc/pci. You have HFC-PCI if you have a line saying
"Master capable"
     for your card.

The following cards are definitely not supported and will probably never
be supported, since the manufacturers have not released the
specifications for their very proprietary

     Eumex 404





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