Help with old freeswan and old linux on old hardware.

Help with old freeswan and old linux on old hardware.

Post by Josiah Fiz » Wed, 17 Dec 2003 06:48:15

I just stepped into a network support position to find a Pentium 100
running some long lost version of Red Hat Linux with FreeS/WAN 1.91
running as the VPN endpoint for our connection to our colocation
servers. To say the least I dont want to touch this beast with too
heavy a hand for fear of it breaking before I can document everything
that its doing. However, out of the blue a problem has apeared. While
the rest of the network can see the colo site using this box as a
gateway the box itself cannot conect out. This is a problem as it is
also our DNS cache for the DNS server at the colo site. Any ideas as
to what I should look for while trying to fix this?

1. X Windows and my old old old old video card

Hi. The card in question is an ISA ATI Graphics Ultra Pro (with the mach32
engine). The particular monitor that I'm using is an AST Vision 4L, and I
managed to root through the AST website (talk about counterintuitive!) so
I could get the horiz and vert scan lines etc. I can't seem to get X setup
right, when I run probe, it complains about a missing clocks line. Is
there any doc which can EXPLAIN xf86config? A man page helps, but getting
the theory fundas would be even nicer.

I'm pleasantly surprised at the level of support the linux community
provides. Also, being something of a DOS/Windows junkie ;=( in the past,
i'd appreciate it if I could be told where to get my hands on info that'll
help me migrate better.

Aniruddha Shankar
BAngalore, India

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