I've got a BIG PROBLEM

I've got a BIG PROBLEM

Post by Daniel Acost » Fri, 27 Jul 2001 00:37:53

I have a  server LINUX MANDARAKE 7.0.
Recently, it serves pages Web, also it's being used like a proxy server,
like a post server with a postfix and like a samba server too.
Recently, the router  to Internet has been changed, but it's touched only
the change of direction of the IP* router.
Now when we reboot, the server begins all the services right but it breaks
off  its connetction with aleatorily, stopping rending any service, although
the services continue to be active but they aren't accessible.
The network's card has been changed, it has been clear some  capacity of the
hard disk, it has been tested that the configurations of these serves were
When we close the samba server, we loose the name D.N.S although the I.P
level continues working correctly, but it closes in  an aleatory time.
The own computer  that  executes a PING (when it has lost the services to
the Internet's netwwork ) doesn't give an answer.

*the I.P of  the server is a private I.P

Could you help me? I can't find a solution and I 'm really  exasperated!!!!

Thank you very much for your kindness!


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