/etc/init.d/network not used in debian?

/etc/init.d/network not used in debian?

Post by Sam Bromle » Mon, 03 Apr 2000 05:00:00

It seems as if debian potato is swithing over to using network
configuration files in
/etc/network now, instead of the old standard /etc/init.d/network.
Does anyone have any information on this, or any idea as to where I can
get some detailed
documentation on the new networking scheme?

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I have been using /etc/init.d/acct to start accounting on my Solaris
What is the purpose of /etc/init.d/perf ?  The comment in /etc/init.d/perf
# Uncomment the following lines to enable system activity data gathering.
# You will also need to uncomment the sa entries in the system crontab

...but /etc/init.d/acct already starts it, and I already edited the sys
So what's the difference?  Just another way to start accounting?
Since I'm already collecting sar data, my real question is  Am I missing
something by not using /etc/init.d/perf ?

-Steve in Phx.

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