ipmasqadm - how to use it??

ipmasqadm - how to use it??

Post by irado furioso com tu » Thu, 10 Aug 2000 04:00:00

ipmasqadm - how to use it??
hi, all..

is there some "magic recipe" on how to compile/install this product??
When using from *.rpm (SuSE 6.2, yast-I) it simply disapear, leaving
no trace of itself at all.

Also tryed the *.tgz, but it claims that there are no its own
directory (folder).


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Hi !

Could anyone point me to a document witch synthezies the available nat tools ?
Explaining the pros and cons of each of these tools :
iproute2 (ip route add nat)
ipmasqadm (portfw autofw mfw)
ipnat (with the new netfilter package).

In fact I'm confused about all theses commands witch can do the same thing ...
for example for 2.4 kernels iproute2 ... ipnat ...

I'm using 2.0, and 2.2 kernels witch tools should I use ?


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