PnP Linux Yggdrasil & Goldstar 540 CD?

PnP Linux Yggdrasil & Goldstar 540 CD?

Post by ARCA/W » Sat, 20 Jan 1996 04:00:00

        My problem happens to be that my CD which is a Goldstar 540 is
reconized during the installation. But when it goes to configure the CD
Rom it is unable to locate it at I/O Address 0x170 and gives me a message
that it is already in use.  When all other methods of trying to configure
my CD fail, it defaults to some driver and I get some error message that
there is an error reading the buffer.
        At the moment I do not have www reader and could only ftp through
the internet.  If someone could please tell me were I can get any help.
My system info:
         -hd Segate st5850

          am using the ide cd card that came with cd rom

I know that this is not detailed, so if more info is needed please feel
free to ask for more info.



1. PnP Linux Yggdrasil & Goldstar 540 CD?

        For the last five days I have been trying to get it to read my CD
Rom whithout success.  And for the last three days I have posted my
problem on other news groups without any peep from someone.  I must take
some fault in that,  because my question by not have been detailed.  So
here it goes on more time.
        The program seems to identify my cdrom on the second ide
controller that I purchased as a GCD R540,ATAPI,cdrom drive,  
However when it goes to read the drive I get the error:

end_request: I/O error, dev 1600, sector 11079
hdc:cdrom_read_from_buffer:buffer botch (11079 )

1. Could anyone tell me if they had this problem and solved it.
2. Does any one know how I can make some disks and load it that way on my
   system that way.  


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