Gnome-session->mount CDROM->migrate to tar.gz & .dsc files, then what??

Gnome-session->mount CDROM->migrate to tar.gz & .dsc files, then what??

Post by DTi45654 » Sat, 24 Feb 2001 05:49:14

I'm trying to learn how to compile some Debian apps from source on disk #4 of
the 6 disc distro.  apt-get wants to go to ftp sites, but the machine is not on
the net yet.  How can I make it deal with the files on the cdrom?  Will dpkg
work?  Or do I need to go to console and use basic linux commands on the files?
 IF so, how??  Good howto anywhere about exactly what linux commands???  Thanks
in advance.

(1 = one, not little L; and don't forget the trailing / )



I have a 10 GB UDMA IDE drive formatted with Windows.  The first partition
is FAT32, and the second is NTFS.  I can successfully mount the first, but
not the second.  Any ideas?

Suse 7.2 on i86
the drive is mounted on /dev/hdc, and I CAN see hda1, but not hda2

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