making a boot/root

making a boot/root

Post by Dong-Hoon Le » Sun, 14 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Hi, I recently switched to Redhat -2.1 from Yggdrasil P & P Linux.
When I was using Yggdrasil version, compiling kernel and making a
boot/root diskette was just a very simple process.

All I did was ---make config---make dep---make clean ---make zImage---

Then it is all set fot rebooting,. i simply had to put a newly created
disk and reboot the machine.

However, for Redhat, I need some help over here for making boot/root
floppy disk.

Here is what I need to do...First of all, I need to include following
boot parameter options:
And my root file system is in /dev/sda1.
Therefore I have to either create a boot floppy carrying root Image or
lilo boot diskette. right ?
If I use "make zdisk"  to create boot/root disk, it wouldn't carry my
boot parameters above so that kernel panicked.
For latter, i never got to lilo work.

So what I need to achive is to create boot floppy that has my newly
compiled kernel and boot parameters so that i don't need to type them
whever I boot my system...

Any advice wiil be appreciated..


----------------This is my lilo.conf ------------------------------

        append="aha152x=0x340,11,7,1,1 mem=40M "

----------------end of lilo.conf-----------------------------------

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