Printer issues...Question

Printer issues...Question

Post by Leonar » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Ref: Daemon...not active..

For some reason I am getting a message
on  KLPQ spooler on the Mandrake-RH
distribution that " No daemon present or

Doing a query ...LPC Status...the printer is
started, the spooler is active and one print
job is in the que...but, the daemon issue
is there. Any answers as to how to remedy



1. 3 issues --- 1-Gnome Question, 2-CDRom Detect Question, 3-IMLIB Question

All of the following questions are based on situations arising on a RedHat
6.0 system:

QUESTION 1:  Gnome

I was using the Gnome desktop enviroment when running X but, Being new in
Linux, and curious, I thought I would switch to fvwm95 to see what it was
like. I didn't like it very much so I wanted to switch back to Gnome, but
Gnome doesn't appear as an option in the "Switch To: " menu options. I was
simply wondering what I can do to get my computer to start X in Gnome with
enlightenment like it used to.

QUESTION 2:  CD-Rom Detect

I recently added a CD-Rom to a system that didn't previously have one. I
tried to mount it using the /dev/cdrom device but it doesn't detect a cdrom
there. Is it possible that it is actually coming in as a different device
(eg. /dev/ttyxx)? I was wondering if there is a way to probe the system to
find the cdrom and report back to me what /dev it is actually on. In a
windows environment I had to use a device driver file, so I am assuming that
it is not plug-n-play. Please help if you can. Thanks.


I had an older version of IMLIB running on my system than was necessary to
run an application, so I tried updating to IMLIB 1.9.5-5.i386.rpm ... It
said that the package was already installed, but when I tried to run the
application, it said it needed to be installed. I tried to uninstall the RPM
and reinstall it, but it said that by uninstalling the RPM I would be
affecting the dependancies of other programs and it would not let me
uninstall it. I am in a catch 22 it would seem. How can I get this RPM to
install, or is it just better to try and upgrade to an even later version of
the RPM, and if that is the case, will the later version of the RPM still
work on RedHat 6.0? Please help if possible. Thank You Very Much.

Any possible help on these issus would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in


Jerry Grieve
IT Support

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