talk utility question

talk utility question

Post by Todd Burge » Tue, 21 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Quote:>Ok, here's another stupid sounding question:
>    I can't seem to get talk(1) to work.

>I am telnetted into my machine from school, a friend of mine is telnetted
>in from work.  I'd like to open a talk session with him, but all I ever
>get is:
>     [Error on read from talk daemon : connection refused (111)]

     What you need to do is make sure that your dynamic IP address is
in your /etc/hosts file. I used to manually add it in myself
everytime I wanted to send a talk request (then I gave up because I
did not want people to talk request me on my local box). Your problem
has nothing to do with incompatible talk daemons (as has been suggested).

Good luck!


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1. talk utility question

the problem is that you are almost certainly using incompatable types
of talk. for reasons unknown to me, Sun has a talkd that doesn't work
with any other machine. actually, i really hate Suns.

anyway, you can avoid this whole mess by using the following package.
it allowed me to do successful talk sessions with a person on a Sun as
well as with others who are not using such evil machines.

to-talk-1.4 can be found in system/network/chat on Sunsite mirrors.


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