How to increment the number of open files?

How to increment the number of open files?

Post by Roberto Giorg » Sat, 26 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Does anyone know which kernel-define should be modified
in order to achieve that?

Thank you!!!


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1. Help: What controls number of files a user can open (file open command)?


I have a script which analyzes certain source files (.c) and opens an
HTML file for
each source file in a separate directory. These HTML files have some
code coverage
(CFLOW) information.

I have a Tcl script that opens a C source file, analyzes it and then
opens a New HTML file and
dumps information into it.

When I run this Tcl script under my user ID, I am able to run the script
to completion. However,
if any other user (authorized to run the script), runs my script, Tcl
bails out with an error message
saying : Too many Open files !!

My question is why does this work with my user ID but not with other
user IDs ? Is there a parameter/
environment variable that controls the number of simultaneous open
files/file handles a given user
can have ? Is it shell dependant ? I use "zsh" whereas other users use
bash / ksh / csh etc.

I would really appreciate if someone could help me with this as this is
a long standing issue I am
trying to solve.



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