Problem compiling kernel & machine freezes randomly

Problem compiling kernel & machine freezes randomly

Post by Nawwar Kasra » Thu, 04 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I'm at my wits end trying to deal with the problems I've having and I'm
wodering if anybody out there has any suggestions.

First, a summary of my system:

Acer Pentium 100
24 Meg EDO RAM
1.6 GB EIDE Western Digital
Diamond Stealth 64 Video 2MEG
Linksys EtherPCI ethernet card

When first installing slackware I encountered lots of problems with
segmentation faults, and CRC errors from tar.  I think I traced those
problems to bad memory which I got rid of.  After that I was able to
install slackware 3.0.0 OK.  When I went to recompile the kernel, I
started getting messages that said something like "got fatal error in
cc1" and the make would just quit.  This didn't happen all the time,
just most of the time.  Once or twice I was able to re-compile the

Once I finally gpt things I working I hooked my computer up to the
network, and it worked great for a couple of days.  Then it just started
freezing.  And I mean just complete freeze, no message, nothing.

Now the situatiuon is that I can install either slackware 3.0.0 with
kernel 1.2.13 or debian 1.1 with kernel 2.0.0 fine.  Occassionally I can
recompile the kernel.  And pretty reliably, after about ten or fif*
minutes of running, the system freezes.  It seems to be perhaps
trigerred by network access, although I'm not sure about that.

Liek I said, at this point, I'm way past what I know, and any
suggestions would be much appreciated.


-- Nawwar


1. System randomly crash when running SMP kernel on dual CPU machine

I have a dual-CPU Intel PIII machine installed with RedHat 6.2 Linux.
It crash occationally if I booted it with the SMP kernel (I tried different
versions of the kernel from RedHat - kernel-smp-2.2.16-3 and kernel-smp-2.2.17-14
RPM files) and have the similar problem.

Here is the log in the /var/log/messages file when the machine boot up
with the 2.2.17smp kernel:

Feb 21 14:59:01 hqlx06 kernel: CPU 1: Machine Check Exception: 0000000400000000<0>Bank 3: f20000000002010ageneral protection fault: 0000
Feb 21 14:59:01 hqlx06 kernel: CPU:    1
Feb 21 14:59:01 hqlx06 kernel: EIP:    0010:[mcheck_fault+263/368]
Feb 21 14:59:01 hqlx06 kernel: EFLAGS: 00010246
Feb 21 14:59:01 hqlx06 kernel: eax: 0002010a   ebx: 72000000   ecx: 0000040d   edx: 72000000
Feb 21 14:59:01 hqlx06 kernel: esi: 0000000c   edi: 00000003   ebp: 00000003   esp: cdaa3f94
Feb 21 14:59:01 hqlx06 kernel: ds: 0018   es: 0018   ss: 0018
Feb 21 14:59:01 hqlx06 kernel: Process buoy2nc_v2 (pid: 10077, process nr: 29, stackpage=cdaa3000)
Feb 21 14:59:01 hqlx06 kernel: Stack: bffff7c0 bffff758 00000005 d9b345c0 00000001 0000040d 00000000 00000004
Feb 21 14:59:01 hqlx06 kernel:        0002010a c010a2b1 cdaa3fc4 00000000 401441cc 03ffffff 00000000 0c375947
Feb 21 14:59:01 hqlx06 kernel:        bffff7c0 bffff758 0c375947 0000002b 0000002b ffffffff 400ab67c 00000023
Feb 21 14:59:01 hqlx06 kernel: Call Trace: [error_code+45/52]
Feb 21 14:59:01 hqlx06 kernel: Code: 0f 30 a1 44 a1 22 c0 89 44 24 10 47 3b 7c 24 10 0f 8c 3b ff

However, if I boot up the dual-CPU machine with the single CPU kernel from RedHat. The
machine does not have any problem at all. Anyone knows what's wrong? Is it a hardware problem
or OS bug?


David Yeung

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